AEL Newsletter – April 2, 2019

AEL NEWSLETTER of April 2, 2019

Dear AEL,

FYI, below is the letter I sent to Placer County Planning Commissioners following AEL’s presentation to them on environmental and economic benefits of the Citizen Initiated Smart Growth Plan.  Our invitation to present the CISGP to the Commission was an unprecedented opportunity to walk the  Commissioners through the the logic of “smart growth,” and we feel good about the reception.

Genevieve Marsh, AEL’s Master Planner, is now at work on Phase 2 of the CISGP.  Phase 2 sets forth the economics behind our Phase 1 Zoning Plan.

Other news:

We are pleased to announce that AEL will soon have a web site.  Our URL is:  It is a mouthful – I know!, but every abbreviation was taken.  Carol Holliman is spearheading this project and will welcome your help building our web site and maintaining it,  AEL’s 14 aligned organizations will be able to link with the AEL website and we will host a combined calendar of events/meetings there.  Pls. send me a note if you are able to assist.

If you are able to commit a few hours a week to help us out, please send an email.  We need help with our news outreach, data base, website, event organization, correspondence and event publicity.

Just send a note and we’ll put you to work!

Together we’re a stronger voice.


Leslie Warren, Chair
Alliance for Environmental Leadership

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