Housing Justice/Affordable Housing

Placer County’s been among the fastest growing counties in the nation for decades. Our farms and ranches and wooded hills are now sprawling subdivisions of single family homes that are unaffordable to 81.3% of the Placer County population. This precipitated a housing crisis for working families, singles and seniors, many of whom must commit more than 50% of their total income to housing costs.  AEL is working to address the systematic economic discrimination that defines our housing sector in our Citizen Initiated Smart Growth Plan. We bring multi-tenant housing stock to the County and match income levels with housing types to create an equitable distribution.

Our comments on the County’s Affordable Housing Plan follows.  We fee that this plan perpetuates land use that serves only the wealthy, contributes to increased Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) and CO2, environmental decline and site destruction – and most importantly – fails to provide for the housing needs of our tax paying citizens,

View our comments here.

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