AEL Newsletter – March, 2019

Dear AEL Community,

AEL organized to 1) provide public comment on development that poses regionally significant threats to quality of life and the environment, 2) legally challenge these projects if they are approved, 3) encourage and facilitate citizen participation in local governance so that environmental voices are fairly represented.

This memo concerns #3.

A. Charter Review Commission is being formed and applications are due on March 21. 

The Charter Review Commission is formed once every five years to review policies and procedures in our County and to make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors. A more detailed description of the Charter Commission’s activities is in the link below.

Should our County divest of fossil fuels in their investment portfolio or abide by Section 84308 which aims to prohibit bidders or project applicants from making financial contributions? I am sure you, too, have thoughts about what the Commission may consider.

B. AEL has been invited to take a seat on the Placer County Waste Management Authority’s Waste Action Plan Working Group

This group will provide input to the WPWMA as they consider “expansion”.  This is an important leadership opportunity for environmental community. Is expansion into vernal pool wetlands the only way forward? Has WPWMA considered advocating for a phase-out of single use plastic or instituting a comprehensive waste reduction education program?  For information on how to apply for a seat on the proposed Working Group, contact me or Julie Leimbach, consultant to the WPWMA, email address 

News Notes: 

Commissioner Wayne Nader proposed, and the County Planning Commission invited AEL to present the Citizen Initiated Smart Growth Plan at their meeting tentatively set for March 28, 2019.  When the agenda for this meeting is posted, I will share it with you  in hopes that you will attend.

We are pleased to extend a welcome the Citizen Climate Lobby to join our AEL coalition and will be sharing a table with the CCL at the upcoming April 20 Earth Day event in downtown Auburn.  If you are able to represent AEL at this family fun event, please let me know. We’re planning an Earth Day parade too – so save the morning of April 20 to make signs and parade with friends and family.  Strollers, puppies and bicycles welcome!

Together we’re a stronger voice.

Leslie Warren, Chair, Alliance for Environmental Leadership

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