AEL Newsletter – August 25, 2019

Dear Friends and Partners of the Alliance for Environmental Leadership,

The opportunity: pursuant to a State mandate, Placer County is proposing to adopt a Climate Action Plan.

The emergency: the County’s proposed Climate Action Plan fails to act boldly against climate change threats.  And, now, even the weak Climate Action Plan that the County has proposed is under attack by both the Building Industries Association and the climate change-denying members of the Placer County Planning Commission.  

What can we do?  RISE UP! How? 

1) Deliver specific necessary changes to the County’s Climate Action Plan to make it effective

2) Present the Board of Supervisors with a petition showing that we want meaningful climate action now

3) Express our dissatisfaction with the County’s Climate Action Plan before the end of the comment period on September 5th and at the Public Hearing on the Plan on October 3rd.

Attached are some of the Alliance for Environmental Leadership’s proposed revisions to the Climate Action Plan compiled by Don Rivenes.  We are composing a letter to the County that will incorporate our proposed revisions (and that we will share with you when all AEL partners have signed-off on it).

Also attached is a petition demanding “climate action now”. Hopefully each of you will print out the petition, collect signatures and help us 1) raise awareness in the community and 2) demonstrate to County’s ‘leadership” , our elected officials, that their community stands behind AEL’s recommended revisions to the County’s Climate Action Plan.

This Thursday, at our August 29th Climate Action Workshop,  we will compose our comment letters (due September 5th) and organize for action on climate change.  Helping us along will be Don Rivenes, a climate leader from Grass Valley who prepared the attached recommended changes to the County’s Plan.

Join us on August 29th  at the Placer County Government Center’s Cypress Room at 6: as we review our proposed County Sustainability Plan and figure out how we will make it impactful.

Mark your calendars:

August 28 at 6:30 Our partner organization, California Native Plant Society Redbud Chapter will host famed naturalists and author Julie Carville will lecture on Native Plants at the Madeline Helling Library in NC

August 29 6 PM Alliance for Environmental Leadership (AEL) Workshop on the Climate Action Plan where we learn about the Plan and compose our comment letters. Location is the Placer County Government Center Cypress Room    Bring your computers as we will compose our comment letters at the meeting.

September 5 Last Day to submit comments on the Placer County Sustainability Plan (AKA Climate Action Plan).  Submit comments to or to

September 12th at 7 Our friends at Placer 350 are sponsoring a climate action event at the State Theatre featuring internationally known climate activists. Buy your tickets at

October 5th 9:00 AM in Grass Valley: Support our native pollinators by planting natives which can be found in abundance at the California Native Plant Society Redbud Chapter’s Native Plant Sale coming up on  at the Banner Community Guild in Grass Valley.

September 19th 6: AEL hosts local developers (private and not for profit) and architects to talk about the opportunities, costs and challenges of producing housing for the people that live here. This will be a great Workshop tying into the County’s revision of our Housing Element. How are working families surviving in Placer County, now the 22nd most expensive housing market in the USA?  and where multi-tenant buildings barely exist and the median priced home exceeds $570,000 and is affordable to only 14% of our population?  What needs to change so that Placer County workers and families can afford quality housing here?  We’ll look at how the private sector housing market works!  See you at the Placer Government Center Cypress Room.

September 20 Climate Action Strike

September 22 2-5 PM Our partners at AADC will host Comedian Will Durst at the General Gomez Center in Auburn

October 3rd  (time to be determined) Placer County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the proposed Placer County Sustainability Plan.

Together, we’re a stronger voice.


Leslie Warren, Chair

Alliance for Environmental Leadership

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