About Us

What We Do

The Alliance for Environmental Leadership is a coalition of community influences and organizations determined to re-frame the way our community grows and is governed through citizen advocacy, environmental leadership and by amplifying the voices for social justice. Our goal is to excite citizen participation in local governance – for it is here at the local level that decisions most directly impact us and where we can create the quality of life we desire for our loved ones and our community.


We’re tackling some big development projects and policy initiatives that we feel do not serve our community well or fairly and are bringing them to the attention of the community and decision makers.


1) Our Citizen Initiated Smart Growth Plan is a fully developed (to the zoning level) and economically supported alternative to urban sprawl that is proposed by the County of Placer for a 15 square mile wetland ecosystem between Roseville and Lincoln in Western Placer County. Our CISGP is groundbreaking, even revolutionary, because it is the first time that a grassroots citizen group, has not simply resisted bad development, but has put forward a fully realized and economically feasible and superior (reduces CO2 by 75% and provides housing for all of the proposed 80,000 new workers) development alternative that fulfills County growth objectives with environmental and social justice at its core. AEL is working to inform our Community, County staff, Commissioners and Board of Supervisors and the Courts about the CISGP and its potential to address longstanding economic discrimination and environmental degradation that has heretofore been the status quo in Placer County. Learn more, join us, participate in local governance. Together we’re a stronger voice.


2) Climate action is needed now. Placer County’s proposed “Climate Action Plan” fails us and we aim to change that. For instance, the County Plan does not support with any financial or policy teeth, measures to reduce existing CO2 generation sources or vehicle miles traveled (VMT) which is the most significant source of CO2. Only new development projects exceeding 71 housing units and producing 2,400,000 pounds (1,100 metric tons) of CO2 annually are even subject to any CO2 reduction strategies under the Plan, Existing homeowners and businesses are given not incentive to “go green”. There are so many creative and impactful CO2 reduction policies and strategies coming from our State government and in examples of Climate Action Strategies from other cities and Counties, we demand climate action now in Placer County because it will save our Planet and will save homeowners money every year.

3) Placer County is the 22nd most expensive housing market in the nation. The County is producing a new Housing Element that will set policy for new housing development for decades to come. We invite citizens to be a part of the conversation. The County collects fees from developers to allow them to skirt their responsibility to produce housing for families and workers and has not used those fees to produce even one unit of housing. We’ve determined that 85% of our population in Placer County cannot the homes that are sprawling across our green fields. 58% of our community cannot afford a home priced over $270,000 and the median price of a home in Placer County today is $570,000. Rental housing and multi-tenant buildings are not being built in Placer County although our County’s shopping malls and industrial businesses employ many tens if not 100’s of thousands of hourly wage workers that need shelter in rental properties. Why does Placer County not fairly balance the cost of homes built and the needs of workers and families?